spirits of small flesh and flowers
possess the eyes of grand-daughters 
of the south 
and when the sky cried into us 
we remembered how to talk with our hearts towards the ground
stems crawling out of our bellies
like the ones that brought us into this world 
and when we died we came back as 
wind knocking on the windows of our selves
disguised as waves with metal breasts and 
sapphire petals for amulets touched with blood from the moon and the sea
to protect those who told the stories of us. 
So we went and we danced and we smiled 
knowing that there was knowledge in the embrace of the unknown 
and that our eyes held secrets to lands they would never touch.

I watched my body open up and tangle itself free 
Limbs learning a new language only spoken in whispers 
Kissed you in butterfly 
my mother’s tongue 
We fled homes that burned into the earth and we coiled with them 
They would enter worlds outside of themselves and make new selves 
lit by whispers
Whoever had this body before me left messages
sometimes moving in echoes.

Follow me through tunnels that bend inward
I will show you the seams and seeds living and breathing in 
wet cocoons 
Blooming in my hands 
Filling up the lungs of the coast and seeping through eyes which I can not kiss softly enough 
I found a ghost of myself and began speaking to her from the other side but she can not see me
 I am making a dress for a ceremony to be worn for the “in between” phase of the in the between 
 Follow me through tunnels that bend inward
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